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The Northern Ireland Field Archery Association is an association of friends brought together through the love of Field Archery. It draws its membership from all parts of Northern Ireland irrespective of politics, religion, colour or profession. Archery is of paramount importance to the membership transcending all other considerations. We the members of the NIFAA will provide for one another a mutually agreed ethos by instrument of Constitution outlining the purpose of our existence and how we may organise ourselves to the benefit of all. To inculcate a feeling of esprit de corps, a mutual respect and an understanding of the needs and wishes of all its members. By common consent, and in the fullness of time we shall create a system of organisation which shall be guided by the constitution written by the membership for the membership of NIFAA. We shall make reference to the constitution as our instrument of guidance as it contains those cardinal precepts to which we all gave our acclaim and consent.
From among the membership of NIFAA a number of people shall by election be called upon to act as the NIFAA Committee. They are answerable and accountable to the ordinary membership of NIFAA for their actions. They are tasked to co-ordinate the activities of the Association membership and ensure that the affairs of the Association are conducted in an open, fair and efficient manner.
Club Committees shall organise their affairs under the same constitution as the IFAA Committee.
The Articles of Constitution comprises of a series of explanatory chapters outlining the problems and their solution any organisation may possibly have to deal with during it's existence. Because of the vagaries of human nature a constitution must where possible provides a solution to all reasonably anticipated possibilities. Anything not properly dealt with in this constitution shall be proposed for amendment or inclusion in subsequent revisions of the document. Although the language used is sometimes convoluted and apparently repetitive the purpose is to remove ambiguity so that it cannot be construed to mean something other than intended.

Northern Ireland Field Archery Association

The Northern Ireland Field Archery Association is a member of the “World Family of Archers” which consists of approximately 40 nations worldwide. Archery is a family orientated sport where fathers, mothers and their children can participate together for their pleasure and relaxation.

Our motto ad altiora tendo = "I strive towards higher things" means exactly what it says and we lay great store by the conduct of our members. In the short time since our formation we have gained a good reputation for the way we conduct ourselves and the thoughtfulness our members show when in close proximity to our children and young persons. We refrain from using coarse language and uphold the best traditions possible for the advancement of the sport. We take this ethos very seriously and thus far we have been largely very successful. To continue in this manner the Committee of the NIFAA have introduced a Restorative Justice system for resolving minor disputes and other less creditable traits which may occur in the future.

The NIFAA Constitution provides us with the means to maintain order within the Society accordingly we are legally / morally entitled to act and maintain both reputation and good order.

It is the intention to employ a form of Restorative Justice the norm for societies to settle minor disputes between members and to maintain discipline and good order within.

The NIFAA Restorative Justice system depends on the willingness of all parties involved to agree to be bound by the NIFAA Committees determinations.

It must be pointed out that any breach of the Criminal Law is outside the remit of this document. The considered advice being:- Report any criminal offence detected immediately.

This is not a Court of Law it is simply an arbitration service provided for all members to rely upon should the necessity arise.

Children, Young Persons or Vulnerable adults must be represented by their parent or guardian the aforementioned is not required to attend ANY hearing.

The authority of a NIFAA Disciplinary Hearing is founded upon the fact that every member has agreed to abide by the Rules of the Society the Constitution being the foundation document.

The relevant section of the CONSTITUTION Section 3. Sub - Section 33(F) to 37(G) MEMBERSHIP

    The remit of a NIAFF Disciplinary Hearing is to:-

  1. Determination of the facts.

  2. To determine why it happened, for example, was it planned or was it an accident?

  3. To determine the harm (if any) it caused to individual members or to the Society in general.

  4. Offenders are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and may be pardoned at the discretion of the Committee if a contrite apology is received or offered to the plaintiff. (This may need to be in writing.) It follows that the respondent shall make proper reparations to the plaintiff or to the Society.

  5. The primary aim is to achieve social discipline through participatory learning and to reduce undesirable conduct in the future.

  6. Therefore the principle being that it is unfair to treat similar facts differently on different occasions. Consistency and moderation in all determinations are the bedrock of Restorative Justice.

  7. If a similar determination has been resolved in the past, the Committee is usually bound to follow the reasoning used in the prior decision.

  8. If, however, the Committee finds that the current dispute is fundamentally distinct from all previous determinations. The Committee are then obligated to fill in areas of the Society Code not covered by previous determinations.

  9. Thereafter, the new decision becomes precedent, and will bind future determinations..

  10. Any punishment administered must be in proportion to the crime.
    "Let the punishment fit the crime."

  • NOT GUILTY: Free of any guilt.

  • ABSOLUTE DISCHARGE: "guilty," the offence is so minor that you will not be fined or punished in any way.

  • A VERBAL WARNING "guilty" about his / her conduct and future conduct.
    Minuted and paced on the offenders record.

  • A WRITTEN WARNING "guilty" about his / her conduct and future conduct. TWO strikes and you are either out or suspended for a period of time as determined by the Committee.
    Minuted and paced on the offenders record.

  • CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE: "guilty" but not punished, given a second chance, if you commit another offence within a certain period of time, you may be punished for the first offence when you are sentenced for the second.
    Minuted and paced on the respondents record.

  • BINDING OVER: "guilty" You will be asked to sign a written promise that you will be of good behaviour during your membership of NIFAA. If you re-offend, membership will be terminated.
    Minuted and paced on the respondents record.

  • PROBATION ORDER "guilty" Loss of all status within the Society which includes representing your club at all NIFAA Committee meetings. Loss of seniority and must serve as an absolute beginner for the ensuing year.
    Minuted and paced on the respondents record.

  • FINE: "guilty" You will be asked to pay a fixed sum according to how serious the offence was.
    Minuted and paced on the respondents record.

  • COMPENSATION ORDER: "guilty" If you have caused damage or injury to someone or their property, the Committee can order you to pay compensation to the plaintiff. This may be in addition to another penalty imposed by the Committee.
    To make ADEQUATE REPERATIONS for the damage caused.
    To make ADEQUATE COMPENSATORY payments to the aggrieved party.
    To undertake some form of SERVICE TO THE SOCIETY by doing something to make up for their actions.
    Paying the costs of the disciplinary hearing.
    Minuted and paced on the respondents record

  • COMMUNITY SENTENCE: "guilty" Sentences of this kind are orders by the Committee for you to carry out work for the benefit of the Society in General. EG:- Helping to build courses or maintain NIFAA equipment for a period of time. The length of this sentence is at the Committees discretion and may as as long as they deem necessary. If you do not obey this determination you can be brought back to the Committee and sentenced in some other way.
    Minuted and paced on the respondents record.

  • Failure to comply with the above forces us to conclude that the respondent is not apologetic or contrite for his actions therefore:-
  • SUSPENTION "guilty" Is suspended for a pre-determined period of time, is not permitted to participate at NIFAA Society events anywhere and cannot be elected to any office and has no voting rights and excluded from all meetings of the Society Committee.
    Minuted and paced on the respondents record.

  • EXCLUSION "guilty" The offenders membership is forfeit and disqualified from membership and all matters relating to NIFAA.
    Minuted and paced on the respondents record.

  • If the Society Committee determines that the offence was sufficiently severe other properly constituted Societies promoting the same sport may be informed at the discretion of the committee.

    The logo adopted by the Northern Ireland Field Archery Association represents the red cross or red Saltire of St Patrick.
    The flag is still used today and is flown above Cathedrals and Churches and waved on St Patrick’s Day making it the least contentious of all Irish symbols.
    Green is used on the edge and in the body of the logo as the island of Ireland is one of the greenest places on this beautiful planet. There have been more songs than enough written about the myriad shades of green we could write a book on the subject.
    The hexagon represents the Giants Causeway one of the most spectacular geological sites in this hemisphere.
    The star has six points each point representing one of the six counties which makes up the region of Northern Ireland.
    The archer in silhouette is a representation of our sport archery, it has been drawn in such a manner that the gender cannot be determined, therefore it should offend neither the Ladies or the Gentlemen or those who have yet to decide.

    The Stick, Shillelagh, or Gavel.

    Made from Blackthorn, a traditional weapon or symbol of authority in Ireland. This Shillelagh was cut about 20 years ago by Ron Bell a founder member of the IFAF. It was painted, varnished and given away as 1st prize in field archery tournaments and I was a lucky recipient of quite a few over the years.

    After Ron passed away his wife Evelyn gave me some of his archery medals and I glued one to the shillelagh and it makes an excellent Auctioneers hammer.

    It has no monetary value but it is an important relic for the NIFAA to have as a memento of his life and love of archery.

    The Committee of the Northern Ireland Field Archery Association (NIFAA) shall not send any E-Mail which contains any E-Addresses other than the person for whom it is intended. We would ask all members within the NIFAA adopt the same policy.

    When sending to many addresses the safe and recommended method is to blind carbon copy (abbreviated Bcc:) or simply Blind Copy. refers to the practice of sending a message to multiple recipients in a way that conceals the fact that there may be additional addresses that the message is being sent to.

    Every E-Mail sent to members of the IFAA is to inform them of matters relating to NIFAA such as cancellation of shoots or other important matters relating to the Association.

    The Committee of NIFAA takes very seriously our responsibilities towards the security and wellbeing of all its members and in particular vulnerable adults and young persons. We also protect the privacy of members of the Security Forces who may be members of NIFAA.

    The Committee are fully aware of the dangers of addresses being leaked and every effort should be made to prevent this for the following reasons:-

      The prevention of SPAM E-Mails which may contain reference to pornographic material, or where illegal drugs can be obtained.

      There are certain individuals who for reasons best known to themselves deliberately and maliciously send viruses to infect computers.

      We must prevent any abusive, insulting or threatening E-Mails being circulated by anonymous individuals who want to cause harm or unpleasantness to members of this association.

      There are address “Harvesters” who glean E-Mail addresses from an E-Mail that says "forward this on to '10' (or however many) of your friends", "sign this petition", or "you'll get bad luck" or" you'll get good luck" or "you'll see something funny on your screen after you send it" or whatever else -- it almost always has an email tracker program attached, that tracks the cookies and emails of those folks you forward to. The host sender is getting a copy each time it gets forwarded and then is able to get lists of 'active' email addresses to use in SPAM emails, or sell to other Spammers.
      Then you get hosts of spam E-Mails which will clog up your inbox.

    Please take notice of the advice above which is crucial in safeguarding everyone within the NIFAA, your welfare, comradeship, trust and safety depend on it.

    NIFAA Committee.

    Q... What is a constitution?
    A... A Constitution is a document outlining the fundamental principles and laws a Society conforms to.
    Q... Why do we need one?
    A... A system of government of the members, by the members, for the members.
    A constitution is a reference document available to every member explaining the structure of the organisation and how the individual member is included and may play their part in that system of government. It informs the individual how they may influence the organisation so that everyone has an equal opportunity to express their views on any subject. It limits the powerful to conform to the wishes of the majority so that all may act in unity for the common good.
    No system of government is perfect but a democratically elected leadership working to a defined set of rules, agreed by all, is the best we can achieve.
    No constitution is ever finished, a constitution is a living document, constantly changing, through due and lawful process, to reflect the overall wishes of the Society.

    I therefore respectfully submit this first draft constitution, with my sincere recommendation that it be accepted as the inaugural document of the Northern Ireland Field Archery Association, subject to the wishes of the membership.

    Adrian G. Hanna.

    The NIFAA believes in total transparency where every member is kept fully informed about the workings of the Association. There are several matters which will not be published until a final resolution is reached by the association committee.

      SVG Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups.
    To uphold confidentiality, as far as is practically possible, in all SVG matters.

    We do not discuss anyone’s medical condition, if we are informed that they are taking a substance by way of legitimate medical prescription which is contrary to the International Olympic Committee rules on medication, providing that they are simply shooting for recreational purposes and not for records or awards we will support them. There is a further provision:- If it is believed that any medication thus described above may cause drowsiness or lack of awareness or cause that person to behave irrationally then we are duty bound under the provisions of the NIFAA Health and Safety Guidelines to prevent that person from shooting.

    Any person reported to us as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be prevented from shooting under the provisions of the NIFAA Health and Safety Guidelines. These matters will be reported to the Association Committee and evidence taken prior to a disciplinary hearing held in camera. The findings of the Association Disciplinary Hearing may be published and other Archery governing bodies informed.

    Discussions regarding awards for meritorious service or excellence of performance shall not be published until the arrangements to present the award, or not, have been finalised by the Association Committee. The aim of this section is to surprise the recipient and at the same time to present the award in front of the largest possible audience.

    An Archer of the Northern Ireland Field Archery Association.:-
     Respects his superiors, thanks his companions and is always courteous.
     Makes himself extensively useful wherever possible.
     Offers his services at setting up and removing equipment.
     Helps his fellow competitors to cross rivers and ditches.
     Does not talk do anything or make any distracting sound or disturb the thoughts of others while they are shooting.
     Calls the scores in descending order.
     Shall stand back from the target when arrows are being scored or withdrawn.
     Shall retrieve the missing arrows only when scoring is finished.
     Obeys the Country Code and does not leave litter or gates open.
     Never touch another's equipment without permission.
     If he damages another's equipment he must pay for it.
     Be firm, fair and honest in your judgements and where there is doubt be magnanimous

       Ψ   PHOTOGRAPHY and Young Persons.
    The NIFAA policy on Photography is very simple:-
    1. Photography of any description is not permitted except
    2. Authority has been given by the organisers
    3. Only photographs of people over the age of 17 is permitted in publications unless
    4. Written permission has been obtained from the Young Persons parents or Guardian.


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