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Frequently Asked Questions.
At NIFAA we have been asked many questions regarding IFAA Style of Shooting. To help answer the most frequently asked ones we have decided to include this section on the Website. If you have a question to ask ....

Written by:- IFAA President
Since the second half of the last year the IFAA Exec has been bombarded with questions about the “classification card” and the use of the card. At the Council meeting in Dahn it was agreed that the rule of the IFAA that all the members have an accepted classification system will be enforced from 01 January 2011 and that archers who attend WFAC2012 need proof of “classification”. The rule that an archer who is not classified will shoot in the highest class of that style during the event has over the years become the main reason why the IFAA member associations did no longer bother with the classification. After all, an archer who shoots at a WFAC would not like to be classified as a B or C class competitor. The classification of an archer is one of the very basic principles on which the IFAA tournaments are based. After, the IFAA events are for all member archers irrespective of how good an archer is. The IFAA works on the basis of “archery for all”.

To allow an archer to compete against other archers in the same style who are not top performing archers, the IFAA has the classification system that allows competition for a B or C class medal at that level.
Although some member associations only allow registration for an international event through that association to assure that all participants of the country are indeed members, it certainly is not the norm and many archers register as individuals, making it almost impossible to verify valid membership of that archer with a member association.

Some veteran archers have asked why they need a classification card if their style or event does not support classification.
The term “classification card” is actually incorrect.
The card that has become compulsory is not a classification card but a card on which an archer records his/her scores, obtained at shoots that are shot under IFAA rules. These must be formal events which can vary from World events to Regional events, national championships and even club championships, provided they are advertised as events under IFAA tournament rules.
Scores are recorded and signed off by a tournament official, that is all.
The card can also be used for classification of an archer with scores that are shot for a 28 round Field, Hunter or a 2x14 target combination.
The top 2 scores over the two years preceding the event you have now entered, determine the class of an archer.
We have further advised the member associations to use the card as proof of valid membership of that archer.

  Why the requirement of scores.
  We have laid down various safety rules for the ranges and behavior on the ranges.
We have no rules related to most causes of accidents: the archer
We allow anyone with a bow on our crowded ranges, sometimes with 200+ archers on a single range. An archer who wishes to attend an IFAA sanctioned world event must show proof to have basic knowledge of the sport and of the game. He/she is not expected to attend a crowded world event with little or no experience or knowledge of the game.
The IFAA has been quite fortunate to be free of any serious accidents at our tournaments. However, in the case of an accident the IFAA must have proof that we were not negligent: and that means having control over ranges and over archers.
We can “force” a ruling that any archer who attends an IFAA sanctioned event must have passed a competency test, either through a club instructor or IFAA Instructor, but that will be an almost impossible requirement.
All that we enforce now is that people attending an IFAA sanctioned event must have proof that they have shot a similar event at least twice.

  The card with the score recording is that proof.
  Worldwide safety rules have become stricter and more and more nations see the bow as a potentially lethal weapon.
The IFAA must jack up the safety rules of the game and of those attending an event.
So please try not to refer to the card as a classification card but as an “Entry Card” with personal score records.
This entry card is compulsory for all IFAA events and compulsory to all age groups !
Standard cards can be obtained from the IFAA web site. If your association does not have a card, print if off the web and get your association to verify.
Also remember that verification of a valid membership is the responsibility of the archer. If the card is not used for that purpose, you will require an other means of proof of membership.

Now what about classification
As stated above, those scores that qualify for classification shall be used. Scores obtained in the Animal Rounds (marked or unmarked), 3D rounds and Indoor Rounds do not qualify for classification. They are used as proof that you have shot events similar to the World or Regional Championships you have entered.
In fact, the card is not unlike the Green Card and Handicap Card that is used for golf.
IFAA President

  Can I shoot IFAA under GNAS Insurance?
  NO. If you wish to shoot IFAA you will be required to be registered with an IFAA affiliated body such as NIFAA and have their insurance cover.

  Where can I get an NIFAA application form?
  Click on the button below or contact our Membership Secretary via E-Mail at
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  Can I be in both Archery GB and NIFAA
Yes! you can be a member of both organisations and we would encourage you to be in both.
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  Why was NIFAA Formed.?
  To offer the Field Archer in Northern Ireland an alternative ‘round’ to what they have been shooting constantly for almost ten years and allow them the opportunity to shoot in the South as well as other countries.

  Why both NIAS and NIFAA.?
  The NIAS do what they do but NIFAA being affiliated to the International Field Archery Association (IFAA) gives every Field Archer access to a much bigger experience worldwide.

  Must I be a NIFAA “team member” to shoot in a European or World Class event.
  We do not have teams as such, we shoot as individuals. When we go away to shoot in a major IFAA competition we wear T shirts to give us an identity during the formal parade and opening ceremony. If you wish to join us, just get the T shirt and pay your entry and share of the petrol.

  What is a professional Archer.?
  Some work for archery equipment manufacturers and represent their companies. Others are really good archers who like to put their money where their mouths are. They pay a very high entry fee and the top three divide the winnings between themselves. Mostly a large manufacturer will put up a prize of several thousand pounds and the professionals shoot for that. You will not be shooting against a professional archer, but you may have a higher score, which makes you feel good. Only the professionals can take the money, unless you signed up as one, just content yourself with Gold, Silver or Bronze.

  Why do we let professional archers shoot?
  Very simple, they set an example to the lesser archers and the beginners showing what can be achieved with a bow and arrow. This gives us all something to aspire to and the possibility that someday we can give then a run for their money.

  What happens to the entry fee at NIFAA events?
  Every entry fee collected is kept by the local club and only 10% goes to IFAA if it is a Championship event. The entire monies raised by NIFAA are re-invested to benefit Field Archery only. Many Field Archers feel that they have lost out to target archery in regards to funding and support, with NIFAA this will not be the case.

  I was told that if I join NIFAA I would be disqualified from shooting in the NIAS team, is this true?.
  That sounds a bit like a rumour to me. Anyone who would go to the extent of disqualifying a member of the NIFAA would be a very vindictive person. There is no conflict of interest in being a member of both organisations, if you are in NIAS, you may be selected for the ‘Team’ regardless of your membership of NIFAA.

  I am tired shooting the same old FITA rounds at every shoot, will NIFAA be any different.?
  Yes !., we are very different. NIFAA is a whole new ball game with a wide variety of different shoots which will test and amuse you. In addition to our ‘local shoots’, we will be travelling to the UK and hopefully abroad, BUT!.. just as important The Scots, English and Welsh have already expressed a willingness to come over here and take part in our shoots.

  What can the NIFAA do that NIAS can’t do?
  Our first rule is listening to the archer.

  Why do we need another archery body in NI?
  Surely the question should be why do a lot of archers WANT another archery body?

  Is it true that if I am in GNAS and NIAS I am paying for the same thing twice?
  Insurance is the same, Rules are the same, and the only difference is that if you wish to shoot for the NI Team or claim NI awards, you must be a member of NIAS.

  I have heard that if I am not in NIAS, I can only shoot at my Club six times, is this true?
  BIG rumour. It would appear that provided you are a member of Archery GB you may visit any Archery GB affiliated Club you wish, as often as you wish without having to join NIAS. Check it out with Archery GB if you are unsure.

  Can disabled people do the course?
  Yes NIFAA encourage all people including those with a disablement.

  Does NIFAA host Target events?
  Sorry, NIFAA are solely Field Archery.

  How much does NIFAA cost to be a member?
  The annual fee for membership of NIFAA at present is Adult £30.00, Junior or Cub £16.00 and a Family ‘Package’ of two adults and two Juniors/Cubs £60.00.

  Do I need to change my equipment as I have been told I need a 70lb Bow to shoot IFAA?
  You do not need to change your equipment; in fact the 70lb draw weigh is the maximum you are allowed in IFAA with an arrow speed of 300 fps max.

  Is a certificate of proficiency issued?
  Yes, on successful completion of the course, a certificate is issued by NIFAA.

  What does a set of archery equipment cost?
  Anything from £60.00 to £1000.00 depending what you want. We suggest you do not buy equipment until you have completed the basic course which will advise you of your requirements.

  What is the difference between FITA and IFAA shooting?
  The main difference is in IFAA all distances are in YARDS not meters. Also the targets are a different colour and slightly smaller.

  Do you cater for corporate groups?
  Yes, contact for further details.

  Can I belong to Archery GB and NIFAA?
  Yes you can. In fact NIFAA encourage all archers to belong to both as it allows them to shoot most events throughout the World.

  What will my membership fee be used for?
  The bulk of the membership fee goes to the cost of Insurance; all remaining monies will be used to enhance local Field Archery Only.

  Does NIFAA have its own Ranges?
  At present NIFAA have the use of a number of ranges in Northern Ireland, two of which are new for Archery.

  Do I have to be in a Club to join NIFAA?
  No. NIFAA (IFAA) consists of individual archers, not Clubs. However NIFAA do encourage all archers to belong to a recognised Club if possible.

  How do I qualify to shoot for the Northern Ireland team?
  In NIFAA, every member is entitled to shoot at all major events including the World Championship and do not have to be picked for a ‘team’.

  Do you cater for left-handers?
  Yes we have equipment for left handed archers available.

  I was told because I ‘String walk’ I am not allowed to shoot in IFAA events, is this true?
  Like other Governing Bodies, it depends on the style you are shooting. In most styles you are allowed to string walk.

  I’m not sure I have the time to do the basic course. Can I just shoot on a casual basis?
  To be a member of NIFAA you must be of a reasonable standard of shooting safely, we highly recommend doing the basic course at least.

  Do I need to purchase equipment to do the course?
  No, all equipment is supplied by the Instructor for use during the course.

  I am new to archery, do NIFAA run training courses?
  At present NIFAA are in the process of introducing three levels of courses, Basic for beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. All courses will be run by qualified IFAA Instructors.

  Can I use my own archery equipment to do the course?
  Yes provided it meets the safety standard and passes the safety check, you may use your own equipment.

  I gave up archery some years ago, if I take it up again, can I join NIFAA only?
  Yes you can and it would be great to have you back, however you could not shoot in FITA events (different Insurance) unless you also joined Archery GB.

  What is "Have-a-Go"?
  The opportunity to 'try archery' in a controlled environment under supervision of a competent archer without having to purchase equipment.

  I noticed on your Web Site that there are only five on your committee, is this correct?
  In fact there are six. We at NIFAA believe that it is better to have five dedicated committee members working in harmony, that way things get done.

  Once I have completed the basic course, do you provide on- going coaching?
  If you wish there are Intermediate and Advanced Courses available. Also many of our members are past and present World, European and British Champions who are always ready to advise and help.

  Who decides what shoots are put on?
  In NIFAA there are three main shoots, Hunter, Field and 3D. If a Club wish to host an event it is entirely up them which one to do. All the NIFAA Committee do is ensure they have everything they need and check the targets.

  If a Club hosts an NIFAA shoot, who gets the money from entries?
  The host Club keep the money, the only exception is if it is a ‘Northern Ireland Championship event, 10% of the entry fee goes to IFAA, the remainder stays with the Club. (Other bodies only give the host Club £1.00 for every entry and keep the rest).

If you have a question to ask ....

Target and Field Archery.
Target and Field Archery
Northern Ireland Field Archery Association.
Field Archery Only.
DIRECT MEMBERSHIP £43.00 (May be increasing this year) Archery GB £38.00 (May be increasing this year) + NIAS £25.00 =£63.00 ADULT £30.00
You may shoot ALL Archery GB/ NIAS events including all Target and Field events under FITA Rules You may shoot all Archery GB/NIAS events including all Target and Field events under FITA Rules. You must be a member of NIAS to be considered for selection to shoot for a Northern Ireland Team. All monies raised are used to fund both Target and Field events. You can shoot all IFAA events throughout the World (including IFAF events in the South) and shoot for Northern Ireland without having to be ‘picked’ for a team. You will be shooting against archers in your own ‘Class’ therefore giving you a fairer chance to win medals, or if you are good enough on the day, the overall winners medal. All monies raised are used to advance Field Archery only.



Here is a little chart to help you convert Meters to Yards which you can carry with you while shooting round the course, there is no restriction on you carrying this. I have heard that someone said that to shoot yards you will need to get another bow, I would love to know who that idiot that was.

	1	= 0.914 
	5	= 4.572
	10	= 9.144 
	15	= 13.716 
	20	= 18.288
	25	= 22.86
	30	= 27.432
	35	= 32.004
	40	= 36.576
	45	= 41.148
	50	= 45.72
	55	= 50.292
	60	= 54.864
	65	= 59.436
	70	= 64.008
	75	= 68.58
	80	= 73.152
	85	= 77.724
	90	= 82.296
	95	= 86.868
	100	= 91.44
The pegs will be marked in yards so just look at this chart and set your sights to the appropriate distance as usual. On the unmarked rounds if you have always shot barebow these changes won't affect you in any way. Just figure out the distance in the normal way in whatever units you normally use and carry on as normal. Way back in the "Good old Days" we had our own private joke. When some stranger asked about the distance one of us would reply "About two ergs and a surfeit". Then Big John would pipe up and say something like " No .. I think its two Ergs and a Double surfeit ". , No help for the unfortunate there then.
NIFAA takes a more relaxed, family approach to archery and the first requirement is that everyone has an enjoyable day along with good company. The social side of archery is most important to encourage everyone to participate and the scores do go up because you are relaxed.

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