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The NIFAA Jackets are now ready and are on sale. Details re: sizes, fitting and cost available at forthcoming events. NIFAA Coats complete with Badge the approximate price is roughly £40.00.

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Iron on NIFAA Badges 25p (please order).

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We are being asked frequently about application forms for Archery GB whilst NIFAA is not associated with Archery GB we would encourage you to be in both.
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  Bow Styles in IFAA  

Amendments to the pictures of equipment to be used in bow styles have been made (30 May 2012), to make sure that you are looking at the most current picture, please when on the page clear the cache of your browser by holding down the Ctrl (control) key and then press the F5 at the same time. Click on the link above.  Thank you.


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NIFAA Annual General Meeting,
(Members Only)
Monday 15th September 2014, 8.00pm.
Ballinderry Inn (Gil-Good Lodge).
13 Moira Road, Ballinderry Upper. BT28 2HQ. 1.5 miles North of M1 Junction 9 (Moira Roundabout) on the A26. Light refreshments.
Matters for agenda to before
Monday 1st September please.
All members of the NIFAA have a right to attend and should attend this important meeting. Listen to what is being said and if you feel that you need to ask a question .... Please do so.

Northern Ireland Field Archery Association
3D Championships

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th October 2014
Ardnavalley Scout Centre, Belfast.
Directions and Sat Nav details see below.
28 Targets each day.
Only NIFAA or IFAA affiliated archers may shoot in this event.
Parking/Toilets on site, shops few minutes walk.
Saturday, IFAA 3D Standard Round, Unmarked 2 arrows per target.
Sunday, IFAA 3D Hunter Round, Unmarked, 1 arrow only.
Awards ceremony when all results in on Sunday.
(No medals for one day shooting)
Entry Fee Adult 2 day £20.00, 1 Day £12.00
Juniors/Cubs 2 Day £12.00, 1 Day £7.00
All entries to
All Cubs must shoot in their own group under supervision by their host Club(s).
No entries taken on the day(s), closing date for entries
Wednesday 1st October 2014, 1200 noon.
BBQ and refreshments available for purchase both days.
Practise Butts from 0800 - 0930 each day.
Registration and equipment inspection from 0900 – 1000.
Assembly 1015, shooting commences 1030hrs each day. Entry form to download on NIFAA Website or you may collect from Kilmore
Archery Centre or emailed to you on request from

Scout Activity Centre.

NIFAA have a private channel at Facebook for NIFAA members.
Members will receive urgent and important notifications of new shoots and events or unexpected cancellations.
Only NIFAA members can join so send an E-Mail to:-

and get yourself informed.

Hi All,
Well, membership of NIFAA is still growing and so are the number of shoots we are having. Our new range at Ardnavally, Belfast proved a great place for Field Archery, offering many challenges and easy access via stone pathways. We will be hosting another event there shortly.

Indoor Championships, Craigavon.
104 Archers attended and from all accounts it was a great day for all taking part with the Lord Mayor presenting the trophies to the winners.

In addition to our Jackets, Cloth Badges, Metal lapel badges and car stickers we now have "bowcase stickers" as well. Anyone wanting any of these items contact Dee Shannon or Wellesley McGown.

Our shoots are on the calendar on the Website including directions to all venues, however our next two shoots are;
Marked Hunter Round 14 x 2 Roe Valley 23rd March 1000 for 1030 start (Classification Round).
Marked Field Round 28 targets Loughry College 6th April 1000 for 1030 start. (Classification Round).
You will need to bring lunch with you.

We are trying to encourage all members to 'book in advance' the shoots they are attending (the way it used to be years ago before it became the norn to grab as much money as possible on the day) so as to allow us the opportunity to A, know who is coming and B, sort the groups out in advance so saving time. There are two ways you can book, 1, email or 2, book on our facebook page, either way ensures you have a place as some of our shoots are becoming oversubscribed such as the Indoor Championship. You can even pay via PayPal now.

facebook. Still trying to get all members onto our facebook page which is restricted to members only, that way we don't have to send out 300+ emails BCC as it takes a long time to ensure your privacy.

If you intend to shoot in the IFAA NI Championships in July, you will need a classification, as you do at all IFAA events. Your classification will depend on how well you shoot and any archer 'Unclassified' will end up shooting against the A class shooter so it is in your interest to have your own classification. Level 1 Instructors Course.
NIFAA will be running another Level 1 course shortly, if interested contact Wellesley McGown.
  • Course Laying, / Building
  • Registration for shoots / Equipment Inspection
  • Archery First Aid Courses.
NIFAA are hosting training sessions for anyone interested in learning the above skills.
If interested contact

Enough for now.
Thank you for your support.
NIFAA Committee.

Elite Archers
Over 100 Archers
attended the Northern Ireland Field Archery Association
Indoor Championships 2014 Held on Saturday 15th March 2014
At Craigavon Leisure Centre,

Sons of Archery

This Championship event was very well attended and we were delighted to see a bus full of archers arriving to attend the event. They came from the North West of Northern Ireland wearing new outfits with badges I have not seen before adding to a very colourful spectacle. They gained a lot of "brownie points" by using a bus saving petrol and keeping cars off the road.
We were delighted to see archers from Waterford and Wexford IFAF Clubs in attendance and we hope they had an enjoyable time with us. Due to high demand to participate the event had to be run over two sessions but even with this not all those wishing to take part could participate. Brings home the old adage. "Book early" to be sure of a place The event was hosted by Craigavon Archery Club, NIFAA is indebted to CAC for all the hard work they did to make the tournament the outstanding success it was. The NIFAA Committee would like to express their thanks to everyone who rolled up their sleeves and made such a good effort. There were too many people to thank in person at the time but your efforts were greatly appreciated. The NIFAA Committee would also like to thank Craigavon Council for sponsoring the event which was greatly appreciated by all the archers who attended.

This was the first Indoor Championship event run within the NIFAA region which is part of the "International World Family of Archers" known as the IFAA. It is NIFAA policy to work within the community of Northern Ireland and it should be noted that this is a non-profit organisation. We rely on the good will we find in every community we work with and together we form good friendships in promoting the noble art of archery.

The trophy table. All proceeds raised from the raffle will be donated to Ceara (special needs) School, which was damaged recently by vandals.

The new Level 1 Instructors after presentation of their certificates by the
Mayor of Craigavon Councillor Mark Baxter

The NIFAA is a new organisation, in the short time we have been in existence we have made remarkable progress, archers from all over Northern Ireland have flocked to join us. We believe in "Family Participation" and happy smiling faces.

There will be some pictures for you to see on the "Photo Gallery Page" very shortly.
  Photo Gallery    

    Some pictures of Ardnavalley Shoot on Photo Gallery Page.    

NIFAA 3D Event 2nd March 2014.,
Ardnavally Scout Centre. Belfast.

Following the heavy rain which caused severe flooding at the NIFAA Archery course at Kinnego it was decided to relocate the event to one of our new venues, the Ardnavally Scout Centre, Belfast.

The event was 14 x 3Ds shot twice laid out on a 10 acre site at Ardnavally Scout Centre, Belfast. The area consisting of well-maintained woodland with good slopes and valleys linked by hard-core pathways offers endless opportunities for numerous variations for Field Courses.

The Course designers were spoiled for choice, so the layout was placed in the capable hands of George Shields, David Skillen, Dee Shannon and Sean Moore who are all at present, undergoing NIFAA Course building Guidance course, and it must be said, they done extremely well with the course being laid to the high standards specified by IFAA. On the morning of the event, the course had its final inspection by Adrian Hanna and Eddie Hay followed by the safety brief to all taking part.

Some of the targets were quite intimidating, so the organisers specified that small nets be placed behind them to help reduce the possibility of lost arrows. NIFAA have a good range of 3D targets and they were put to good use on this course, being placed in their ‘wild environment’ giving a great feel of realism.

IFAA shooting is slightly more challenging than FITA and it appeared that all the guests who came along who had never shot IFAA before enjoyed themselves, as many of them have submitted application forms to join us.

Don Stamp, that grand old Master wrote a book called “The Challenge of Archery” and said archery should always be a challenge. He designed many excellent courses and his ideas are still followed today. One of his famous quotes was ‘Archers should be relaxed when out on the course, but hungry for the challenge of the next shot’, this is the principal NIFAA work on.

In conclusion, NIFAA would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along and a special thanks to Alex and the staff at Ardnavally who not only assisted us throughout the day, but make everyone extremely welcome.

Thank you all.

Hi everyone, in keeping with our policy of listening to members, there has been some changes to the NIFAA Calendar following requests to go back to Sunday Field Shoots regardless of clashes with other Governing Bodies. Three dates have been moved from Saturdays to Sunday. In addition their status has been changed to 'Classification shoots' to enable many of our members to secure a 'class' prior to our Championship events later in the year. Details of each shoot will be advertised before the event on both facebook and our:-

The NIFAA have introduced a SatNav system to help you find the shoot locations where you see this SatNav sign click on it and your computer will take you to the exact spot. For full details visit the:-

Sometimes you will see a flashing border this indicates that there is something really urgent for you to see Highest Priority
A red border or background is still important and is classed as High Priority
Where you see the colour changing "new" image indicates a Recent Posting.
Other colours and shades are purely for decoration.
Other images / colours or patterns indicate FOL or LOL
Where you see the link there will be an active word or image to take you elswhere.
Always check for the latest updates by pressing the F5 key which refreshes your computer.

Date 13th February 2014

Hi Everyone,
First, as usual we would like to welcome all new members to the Northern Ireland Field Archery Association. May we also take this opportunity to remind you that your opinion counts, so if you have any ideas to improve NIFAA please let us know on our Helpline  Email Helpline

If you spot any mistakes or want to alter something on these web pages then please get in contact with :-
Web Editor

NIFAA Calendar.
The events calendar can be found on both our facebook page and our Web site or simply type in NIFAA to your search engine.

We would ask all members to register with the administrator of our facebook page as we use it to advertise shoots and keep members informed to recent events. To register mail your facebook/email address address to and you will be added to this CLOSED PAGE (Only members can see and post comments).

NIFAA Indoor Championships.
This years Indoor event will be at Craigavon Leisure Centre on the 15th March, entry forms on facebook and Web and must be completed and returned to Kilmore Archery Centre.

We have now introduced a PAYPAL account for anyone wishing to pay in advance for shoots etc. As many of our events are becoming over subscribed it is strongly suggested that you book your entry in advance as it will come to the point when we will have to turn archers away on the day due to numbers.

Classification Events.
As most members are aware, IFAA operate a 'Classification system' to allow all archers the opportunity to shoot against other archers of the same level rather than the 'better' archer winning every time. During 2014 there will be a number of Classification shoots and entries must be submitted in advance.

Events in other Regions.
Many members are attending events in other regions including 'Down South' and the UK. You DO NOT have to qualify for a team to attend these, just have a Classification Card, pay your money and join us. Contact us for further details.

Patches, Badges and other stuff.
We have a number of NIFAA, IFAA and World Family of Archers, (IFAA Motto) Cloth patch badges also NIFAA Coats in stock for anyone interested in purchasing in addition to metal lapel badges and car stickers free to members.

Well we think that is enough for now, once again thank you all for your support and once again a warm welcome all our new members on joining, additional lapel badges can be bought at £2.50 each.

NIFAA Committee.


                      The Northern Ireland Field Archery Association held its Annual General Meeting at Peatlands Park. on Saturday 7th December 2013. This was a very successful meeting and the respective Committee members gave their Annual reports to the membership. The chairman Adrian Hanna thanked those who made the effort to attend and welcomed them to the meeting.

The Regional Representative Eddie Hay gave his report and was pleased to announce that the NIFAA was recognized by the World Council and fully accepted into the World Family of Archers the IFAA.

The previous minutes were read and accepted as a true account of the proceedings.

In the Chairperson's Annual Report, he commented that it was apparent the NIFAA has gone from strength to strength and that membership has exceeded expectations since it was formed. The cooperation between the membership indicated that the NIFAA was in a healthy and harmonious state.

The General Secretary's Report was also optimistic for the future based on the progress that NIFAA had made since its foundation.

Mr Philippe Moison gave the Treasurer's Annual Report and stated that the accounts were in a good state. The NIFAA had purchased a large quantity of equipment and that plans were in hand for the purchase of even more equipment to help the various clubs in the region to put on shoots. Only a small proportion of the finances were kept in reserve for possible emergencies the bulk had been earmarked for future development of the NIFAA.

Mr Wellesley McGown, Training Officer  gave his Annual Report and stated that there had recently been two Level one Instructors courses and that in the near future a Level 2 would be available to those who met the criteria. Additional Level 1 Courses were planned to ensure that every NIFAA affiliated club had at least two IFAA qualified instructors. 

Mr Kieran McShane gave a report on the progress we had made in implementing the C&YP protection procedures and was happy that we fully complied with all aspects of this legislation.  

Mrs Dee Shannon the Membership Secretary gave a report on the membership numbers which was higher than predictions.

The Equipment Officer gave an account of the equipment NIFAA have in storage and that it was in excellent condition. He also reported that the range finder and metal detector were both working and also in excellent condition.

The business moved to the Election of Officers

The NIFAA Committee for 2014.
President and Regional RepresentativreEddie Hay.
Chairperson.and Webmaster Adrian Hanna
General Secretary. Eddie Hay.
Treasurer.Philippe Moison.
Membership Secretary.Dee Shannon.
Training OfficerWellesley McGown.
Children and Young Persons + Vulnerable Adults,Kieran McShane.
All officers of the committee were unanimously re-elected to serve for the ensuing year or until such time that the time limitation on the various office expires. George Shields and David Skillen were elected by the membership to the Committee rather than by appointment.

The membership then voted on the ratification of the revised NIFAA Constitution which had been slightly altered during the past year to reflect changes at IFAA. The Constitution had been published on the internet so that everyone could read it and comment upon it. Adoption of the constitution was proposed, seconded and approved unanimously by the membership.

The Chairman then commented that the constitution was the document which gave the General Membership the power to curtail the excesses of the Committee. The Committee work for the Membership to the benefit of all members of the NIFAA.

There was then a General discussion with Questions and Answers between the committee and the membership and it was apparent from the attitude of the meeting that there was nothing adverse to comment about and that everyone was happy with the open and transparent democracy we all enjoyed.

As there was no further outstanding business the Chairman then thanked everyone who had helped make the past year such a successful one. He also went on to say thanks to everyone who brought the refreshments and had made an effort to make the AGM the success that it was.

The Chairman then closed the meeting and we retired to enjoy the nibbles.

Listen to :-
It's bows and arrows in
Banagher Glen
as Helen Mark meets John O'Neil from the
Roe Valley Archery Club
Your Place and Mine

Click above

Philippe Moison      12 October 20:57
Do check Radio Ulster/your place or mine. A good piece on the hunter championships at Banagher.

Deidre Shannon       13 October 10:55
A great piece on the radio from the NIFAA Hunter Championships hosted by Roe Valley Archery Club - you'll recognise some very distinctive accents - see if you can work out who they are:

Deidre Shannon       13 October 10:56
Would love to shoot it all over again. Well done Philippe, John and the guys.

Hi Everyone!!
Especially the archers who have recently joined NIFAA we would like to take this opportunity to explain IFAA Classification. There are a number of IFAA sanctioned shoots held each year which are termed as “Classification Shoots”. These are important events which are used to determine your archery skills. According to IFAA rules you must be in possession of a 'Classification Card' which was issued to you along with your joining package, if you do not have one yet, or have misplaced yours, you can get one at any of our shoots from the Membership Secretary. At every classification shoot your score will be recorded together with the Round shot whether Hunter or Field, and countersigned by a member of the NIFAA Committee.The card must be kept safe and presented at ALL IFAA major sanctioned events. Once you have entered three scores you will be classified according to your skill level and will be in competition only with those archers within your Classification level.

This makes for a much fairer tournament as you will be shooting with, but not against the experts or someone from a Class above yours. There are THREE Classes, A, B and C with the A Class being the slightly better archer and as your shooting improves you can move up to a higher class, likewise if it deteriorates you can move down a class therefore always shooting against archers with the same level of skill. This is the main difference between FITA (World Archery) and ourselves. Once you have your classification card filled in correctly and properly certified, you are then free to enter any National, International or World Class Tournament you fancy providing you have the money to attend.

The rules were recently republished to remind archers about their classification read the official blog below.

Archers Attending IFAA Sanctioned Tournaments Friday, 07 June 2013 00:26

  1. Each member shall adopt and maintain a system which accurately records scores shot by archers on any of the official IFAA Rounds. Only scores shot in tournaments under IFAA tournament rules shall be recorded.

  2. Scores so obtained shall be recorded on an official score recording card, including date scored, type of round shot and signed off by a tournament official

  3. Scores so obtained in the 28 target or 2x14 target Field or Hunter Round or alternatively in a Round consisting of 1x14 target Field combined with 1x14 target Hunter standard unit shall be used in the classification of the archer.

  4. In all tournaments sanctioned by the IFAA, each archer shall at registration make available his/her official score recording card to the Tournament Chairman to ensure that the archer is in good standing with an IFAA Member and the proper classification of that archer.

  5. An archer may not attend an IFAA sanctioned tournament without an official score record card.

The Northern Ireland Field Archery Association (NIFAA)

Instructors Training

The IFAA Instructors Training Course are run on a regular basis at Kilmore Archery Centre

If you are interested then please contact :-
Wellesley McGown (NIFAA Training Officer) at :- or Mobile 7850314900

It is an aspiration which separates excellence from mediocrity.

The Northern Ireland Field Archery Association (NIFAA) was born from the desire of many archers in Northern Ireland to shoot other disciplines besides FITA at every event. Established in May 2012 the NIFAA was granted Probationary Membership of the International Field Archery Association (IFAA), later to be ratified to full membership in November 2012.

IFAA Shooting. Nothing new to Northern Ireland.
IFAA events were shot in Northern Ireland for many years under IFAF (Irish Field Archery Federation) however for reasons we can only guess, they ceased in the North around 2004 under the new leadership of both IFAF and NIAS when they were replaced with FITA events only. Our colleagues south of the border continued to enjoy both FITA and IFAA styles of shooting and have not only attended many IFAA events World Wide, but have hosted very good International events. Because no IFAA shoots were taking place in Northern Ireland, many of the archers who only took up the sport after 2004 have never had the opportunity to experience this exciting and challenging style, until now. To date the NIFAA have hosted a number of events including Field and Hunter Classification rounds, 2D/3D events, and ‘have-a-go’ days. We shoot on a number of ranges throughout Northern Ireland including the indoor range at our Association Headquarters, KILMORE ARCHERY CENTER, MOIRA.

At the moment in Northern Ireland, nearly every weekend is ‘booked up’ with Field Shoots, many of which are two day events leaving very little opportunity for anyone to host any shoots without ‘clashing’ with one Club or another, therefore to date, NIFAA have only hosted one ‘Outdoor Field event’ and one ‘indoor target’ event each month, choosing the dates carefully so as not to clash with Clubs, however clashes have occurred as others outside of NIFAA have introduced ‘new events’ or changed dates of various shoots that then clash with us. Due to demand, the number of NIFAA events will increase during 2013/4 as more Clubs are ‘affiliating’ to us and wish to run their own IFAA shoots.

The future looks good.
With our membership increasing and the many members of the Irish Field Archery Federation expressing great interest in attending our shoots following the very successful ‘Cross Border Video linked’ target shoot in December, things are looking really good. Archery GB placed details of the Cross Border event on their Web site, believing it was hosted by another Organisation in Northern Ireland, the result being that it has attracted the interest of many archers from across the Irish Sea that belong to both AGB and IFAA. Many have expressed a lot of interest in visiting Northern Ireland and attending NIFAA events and have been asked to be placed on our mailing list. AGB while noting this as an event under IFAA have noted their wish to hear from NIFAA in promoting Archery in all its disciplines in line with the agreed memorandum of understanding between WA and IFAA.
      In addition to our ‘Field’ and Indoor events, many of NIFAA members are also participating in the ‘World Mail Match competition’ and plans are in motion to extend the success of our ‘Video Link Competition’ to not only the UK but some of our Continental colleagues.

Types of events.
NIFAA Indoor target events are shot at 20 yards at either a 5 spot target or a single 35cm face depending on your Bow style. Outdoor events vary from Field/Hunter Rounds (Roundel targets) to 2D (Animal faces) or 3D Targets depending on the event, but are always challenging and enjoyable with a great variety of targets rather than the same old faces every time.

IFAA, a fairer system of scoring.
To ensure fair competition among all archers within IFAA, each style of archers are divided into ‘classes’ depending on their ability; A Class, B Class and C Class with A Class being the little bit better archers. By shooting events and recording their scores, archers can move up, or down in the Class system. In this way all archers can shoot together, but there is the opportunity to win medals in your own ‘class’ shooting against those of the same standard, rather than the ‘better’ archer winning the event every time. The Class is decided by the scores you submit. The upper and lower scores for each class are printed on the Classification card which you are issued with on joining NIFAA. At each Classification shoot your score is recorded on the card and countersigned by a NIFAA Official, so you can always keep a record of how well you shot rather than rely on others.

The Insurance held by NIFAA covers all members shooting at IFAA events; however it also caters for anyone wishing to have a ‘taster session’ before committing to join. By taking advantage of this scheme, the archer will only pay the entry to the competition and if they decide they don’t like IFAA shooting, they are not out of pocket with joining fees. Having said that, 99% of all those who have ‘came along’ to date have enjoyed it so much they have joined. (Any archer attending as a ‘visitor’ must be accompanied by a competent IFAA Member during the shoot to ensure they understand the rules and know what is expected of them).

We all have to start somewhere. Here in NIFAA we are lucky to have a level 3 Coach (one of only 23 in the World at this high level) who is responsible for all training.
Courses are available for the beginner right through to International level were all students are provided with an extensive, easy to follow manual covering all levels of archery as a reference for further development. In addition to our excellent training programme, there are a number of Ex-World and European Champions within our ranks who are always willing to help and offer advice if asked. All training is carried out at our indoor range at Kilmore; however, NIFAA can come to your Club if you wish.

Championship events.
Our regional Championship events take place during July, August and September in Field, Hunter and 3D which is open to members of IFAA Regions. Only members of an affiliated IFAA Region can enter and must produce a current Classification card on registration. The events cater for all levels of ability; therefore you do not have to ‘be selected for a team’ to enter any IFAA event including the World and European Championships, just have an up to date ‘Classification Card’. (Classification cards are supplied to members on joining) and enter.

Membership increasing
Membership is increasing steadily as more archers have come to realise that you can shoot both styles without conflict and without the need for ‘special’ equipment as some people have suggested. Establishing NIFAA has been a difficult road to travel at times, combating the many rumours that have been circulated by those who did not want an alternate style of archery in Northern Ireland for reasons best known to themselves, but NIFAA got there, and many archers agree that they enjoy the more challenging targets and distances offered by IFAA events in a friendly environment in keeping with the IFAA motto, ‘The World Family of Archers’. Many have also reported that their shooting has improved as their confidence has increased because of shooting the longer distances at NIFAA events.

Administration and Finance.
NIFAA is administered by a Committee of eight archers dedicated to working for the benefit of all members in an accountable and transparent manner in all dealings and actions relating to the Association. Each Committee member is solely responsible for their area of administration and is responsible through the Chair to the International Field Archery Association Regional representative for their actions. By operating in this way we do not require the services of ‘costly administrators ‘or ‘substantial expenses sheets’. The Committee absorb 99% of the personal cost of carrying out their duties for the enjoyment and promotion of the sport, and not as a means of personal gain or to subsidise their income. NIFAA do not provide sponsorship to a chosen few to attend limited events, what we do is return ALL monies raised directly back into promoting archery for the benefit of all members so that those people who just want to have fun shooting archery are not subsidising a ‘chosen’ few.

Rules and Constitution.
All members of NIFAA are expected to abide by the Rules and Constitution of the Association and NO MEMBER is beyond the laws of the Association regardless of the position they may hold. NIFAA does not show favour or discriminate against any archer within its ranks and will not tolerate any such behaviour that the Committee consider contrary to the good standing of the NIFAA or archery in general. Yes mistakes have been made, but the NIFAA Committee put their hands up, accepted responsibility, dealt with it and moved on, as stated earlier, we are totally transparent and accountable to the members in all our actions.

Membership Fee.
Membership fees are Pro-Rata depending on which stage of the year you join.
Full year 1st September – 31st August.
Adult £30.00 per year
Junior/Cub £16.00 per year
Family membership (2 Adults/2 Juniors/Cubs) £60.00 per year. (Any other Junior/Cub in same family, an additional £10.00 per year)
All archers joining NIFAA must have two sponsors who are NIFAA members and acceptance is at the sole discretion of the Committee. All new members must serve a probationary period of 12 calendar months from time of enrolment during which time they may not stand for election to Committee and will be monitored as to their behaviour (they may however be seconded to Committee for a specific task if required on a temporary basis).
We listen to, and respect ALL archers’ views and opinions, however it is our main aim that NIFAA remains in the control of the members and never descends into a confused and disjointed organisation catering to the whims of a few at the expense of the many.

In keeping with our policy of complete transparency and accountability, our Constitution may be viewed on line on this Web site. Frequently Asked Questions If you have a question, check out our Question and Answer page which displays the questions/answers we have been asked to date or E-Mail us at and we will reply within 48/72 hours. Email Helpline

We encourage all archers to have a go at IFAA shooting without obligation and experience for themselves this exciting and challenging style rather than listen to the rumour constantly circulated in a bid to prevent archers ‘expanding’ into other disciplines.

Visiting Archers
In the interest of any individual archer who intends to shoot at an NIFAA event as a guest should contact the NIFAA information helpline, prior to attending any event to ensure entry'. Email Helpline

Thank you for your time and good shooting no matter which discipline/organisation you are involved in.
NIFAA Committee.

With Membership of NIFAA increasing each week, archers are reminded that only members of IFAA affiliated bodies can shoot at all NIFAA events. However, NIFAA recognise that archers may wish to 'have a go' at IFAA shooting before committing to join, and therefore have arranged Insurance cover for any NON Member who wishes to shoot at one of our events, provided they can prove they are members of a recognised Archery Body by producing their membership card or official receipt for membership.

Any archer who wishes to join NIFAA may do so 'on the day' by either paying the Full Membership Fee or, a deposit and opting for our 'confidential easy payment scheme', details of which will be available at our events, or by contacting Email Helpline

Insurance provided by Archery GB DOES NOT cover IFAA events, nor does it cover any event where a Non Archery GB Archer is shooting, including 'Club Nights', so be careful. To enable ALL archers to shoot ALL events we strongly advise dual membership of Archery GB and NIFAA. See page dealing with Insurance on this Website.   (FAQ's)
Membership cards must be shown at Registration, and carried at all times while attending NIFAA events.
NIFAA Committee.

Eddie Hay.

Adrian Hanna
+ Webmaster

Eddie Hay.

Philippe Moison.

Membership Secretary.
Dee Shannon.

Training Officer
Wellesley McGown.

Children and Young Persons + Vulnerable Adults,
Kieran McShane.  Ψ

George Shields

David Skillen

            A number of Field Archery Clubs have already committed to NIFAA and offered their ‘ranges’ to host NIFAA events over the coming months. In addition to outdoor venues we have been offered the use of a very good indoor range where it is hoped that members from NIFAA take part in the World Postal Winter League 2012/13 while enjoying a social evening at the same time.

            The IFAA Statutes require that all member associations have a classification system that is acceptable to IFAA. NIFAA will be introducing Classification for all members. Note: “B” and “C” class archers are NOT excluded from IFAA World Champion medals ! If such an archer has the best score, he/she will get the gold medal. Classification allows you win a medal in your class. Class medals are a smaller version of the World medals and come in Gold, Silver and up to 3 Bronze, depending on the number of archers in that class.

            As all archers are aware, there are many and varied Bow Styles out there. Many of us have tried most of them in our time and ended up with one style we like or are good with. IFAA Bow Styles differ slightly from that of FITA but it is hoped that soon there will be a common group of styles. Until then please have a look at the different styles under IFAA and decide if you fit into any of the categories.
The Styles are shown as graphic images to make things simple.;-

  Bow Styles in IFAA  

Amendments to the pictures of equipment to be used in bow styles have been made (30 May 2012), to make sure that you are looking at the most current picture, please when on the page clear the cache of your browser by holding down the Ctrl (control) key and then press the F5 at the same time. Click on the link above.  Thank you.

Professional archers may shoot with amateurs but must make their own award arrangements.
Juniors shall shoot in their own groups.

  1. AAE Europe
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia
  4. Austria
  5. Brazil
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Canada
  8. England
  9. Estonia
  10. Finland
  11. France
  12. Germany
  13. Hong Kong
  14. Hungary
  15. India
  1. Iran
  2. Ireland
  3. Italy
  4. Latvia
  5. Liechtenstein
  6. Lithuania
  7. Luxemburg
  8. Mexico
  9. Mongolia
  10. Namibia
  11. Netherlands
  12. New Zealand
  13. Northern Ireland
  14. Portugal
  1. Romania
  2. San Marino
  3. Scotland
  4. Singapore
  5. Slovakia
  6. South Africa
  7. South Korea
  8. Spain
  9. Sweden
  10. Switzerland
  11. Uruguay
  12. USA
  13. Wales


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